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– What you eat can affect the sex cells, better known as ‘sperm’ formen and ‘egg’ for women. Fertility in touch with what food is in the eating, so do a balanced diet canincrease the chances to conceive and produce healthy offspring in the future. You do not have thepower to change something that is derivative, but of course you can control what goes into the stomach.



Actual differences in the male reproductive cycle and women is that men produce new sperm every daywhile women are born with a finite number of eggs and are not renewable in their ovaries. Because thequality of the eggs continued to decrease with age, so women who are aged above 35 years is moredifficult to conceive. On the other hand, men face different problems. Their fertility levels are heavilyinfluenced by the quality, quantity and spontaneous movement of their sperm. Usefulness of theirreproductive organs, like testis, and epididymis skotrum (located in the vessel), also have an influence.



Lack of food can damage the reproductive system. Zinc, folic acid and calcium, which is a mineral thatcan be found in food, should always be part of the daily diet to maintain fertility or fertility rates.Consumption is also A, C, E and selenium, which in sufficient quantities to function as antioxidants, tofight free radicals from cigarette, alcohol, drugs and others.




If you want to have offspring, then you need to pay attention to what you eat. If you have not noticedyour diet, get started, before it’s too late



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1. If it happens the problem, ill be avoided (confused), but MUST FACED quietly (think way out) and definitely finish / no solution. 

2. Facing all these things, off-the negative thinking, such as: “I certainly incapacitate”, “I can not”, and so on. But always think positive, like: “I can, there must be a way out” and others. 
3. It all depends on your mind and be happy! (Mind is the forerunner!). So keep our minds – good. Do not think its a bad / negative. Always think positive (good). 

4. Any difficulties / troubles will be over. for whatever the problem is to be completed well over time. As the proverb says: NO PARTY IS NOT OVER. 

5. People who succeed 85% of the determined attitude / behavior, 15% of the new set of skills. So our attitude is very important in life. 

6. Everything is changing (anicca). We will not have to be difficult. For example: hard now, then certainly turn out to be happy. now there are people in our discontent, one day would be good too. 

7. The law of karma, meaning to do good will get good results and vice versa, such as planting rice, the rice harvest for sure. Remember!! Try every time always do (planting) in order to gain favor (harvest) goodness. Do not do the crime. And jgn hope to get a reply from our good deeds!!! 

8. Health having second most number one (berhaga). Take care of our health with exercise, adequate rest and do not eat carelessly. 

9. Life is full of problems / issues / suffering. So we know sdh MAY NOT ALWAYS CURRENT / QUIET. Prepare yourself mentally, steadfast, patient and personnel to deal with it. That’s a fact of life that must be faced by every human being. 

10. ‘s Future depends on the attitude and read books. So it is very important to read and determine one’s future. 

11. Do not speak ill of others, because we will be judged ugly 
by those who listen. 

12. Relationships are very important and is one key to success. May associate with bad people and good as long as we MUST KNOW YOURSELF / ENVIRONMENTAL not be affected. Better still if we could teach the wicked to the right path. 

13. Budi parents, can not be paid anything. as well as 
orang2 minds who have helped us. 

14. Every human being has its own advantages and disadvantages. So do not feel inferior to our shortcomings. and do not envy the man advantage. Respect YOURSELF IS!!! \ 

15. DO NOT contradicting (debate) it handy little things that morbidly 
with anyone. 

16. The key to success within this life, always excited, tried, disciplined, patient, hard-working, diligent prayer / prayer, many do good and ill blh despair. 

17. Do not Judging people of treasure (wealth), appearance or condition 
physical. Everyone was SAME!!!

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Foods That Cause Acne

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Foods That Cause Acne. Acne is one of the most hated enemy by everyone, especially women. Acne is not including a dangerous disease. But its presence is very annoying, though acne is not harmful but should we treat and handle well.

Acne is caused by clogged pores due to overactive oil glands. Although many medical experts who denied any connection between acne with the food we eat, there’s no harm in avoiding some foods that supposedly can trigger acne.


Here are some foods can cause acne:


1. Sugar and Chocolate

Chocolate may be one of the most food trigger acne. Archives of Dermatology published a study which explains that the food has a high Glycemic Index scale, usually in processed carbohydrates such as sugar can cause the appearance of acne due to increased hormone levels.



2. Milk

Some studies show a high milk intake may be associated with the appearance of acne. A Harvard study found that teens who drink milk more than two servings a day are more likely to suffer from severe acne. That is because the increase in growth hormone which causes the sebaceous glands in the skin become clogged.


3. Iodine

Iodine may be one factor in the appearance of acne, such as skin oil glands which can irritate skin that is prone to acne. Iodine can be found in fish and shellfish because sea water contains iodine. In addition other sources comes from iodized salt which is a component of several types of canned food.


4.Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine is considered to trigger the appearance of acne because it can affect hormone levels produced by the body. Some sources of caffeine are coffee, tea, soft drinks, and chocolate. In addition, alcohol also causes an increase in hormones, particularly testosterone can cause acne more often.


5. Food Allergy Triggers

Skin problems often arise due to food allergies, especially milk and eggs. Acne appears due to the immune system tries to fight the poison that is felt. An allergist has diagnosed and confirmed the relationship of food allergy with severe acne.


6. Fruit and Vegetable Characteristically Acid

Some fruits and vegetables that are acidic can cause the appearance of acne, such as carrots, cucumbers, oranges, and lettuce. The acidity of the body can cause the appearance of acne, because it should be avoided.


Those are some foods that can trigger the onset of Acne.



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